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Let's keep it straight to the point. If you want to learn how to trade Bank Nifty with consistency in profit then I can teach you but following are some points you should know before you start.

  • I am teaching short term trading. Time frame will be hourly or 15 minute. I don't teach nor prefer intra-day trading.
  • You won't be able to trade the very next day. You'll have to practice what have been taught before moving to real market scenarios.
  • I am not offering you get rich scheme. Trading is serious business and while trading you have to operate like one.
  • I do not guarantee big profits, no one can pull out big profits regularly. Big profits are always occasional, they happen automatically when market conditions are good.
  • Losses are inevitable and it doesn't matter how skillful you are as trader you are going to suffer it. If you can't take losses better do not enter trading business.

What You'll Learn

  1. What is minimum amount you should start with ?
  2. How to analyze bank nifty technically ?
  3. How to book consistent profits ?
  4. How to keep your profits bigger than your losses ?
  5. How to make sure you increase size of your profit consistently ?
  6. How often you should take out money from your trading account ?
  7. How to make sure your trading account grows with time ?

How You Will Be Taught

  1. Once you make payment, we will schedule an online seminar for you. Online seminar will be held on Google Hangout so I expect you to have Gmail account.
  2. After your seminar you'll be given 30 days to practice what has been taught. Paper trade for 30 days, during this time you'll face market in real time and try to apply what has been taught.
  3. You may or may not face difficulty during this time.
  4. After 30 days, we'll conduct another online seminar so that I can answer your questions on problems you faced while practicing trading.

Charges : Rs. 30,000
All payments would be made via UPI.
In case you are interested the use following link and send me message using blue "Send Message" Button.
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NOTE : Please don't ask for number, neither there is any need for you to send me your number. Video calls can be made from Google/Facebook without exchange of numbers.

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