Friday 13 November 2015

5 Stocks That Appear Technically Strong For Investments 14th Nov 2015

Gujrat Narmada Valley Fertilizers And Chemicals :

Appears to be in technical turnaround. Breakout is confirmed with huge volume.

GTN Industries :

Another stock that appears to be in technical turn around phase. There are signs but no confirmation so far.

Jindal Stainless Steel :
This stock also looks in technical turn around phase. Breakout isn't yet confirmed but when it'll be, it'll break dual pattern (Double Bottom, Diverging Triangle) along with 2 years long resistance thus qualifying every criteria required to become a technical multi bagger.

If you are serious technical investor you must keep your eye on this one.

Mawana Sugars :
Clean breakout. Check for calculations on chart itself.

Minda Industries :
Needless to say Minda Industries was on buy radar for almost all industry experts along with several brokerage firms that recommended it. It appears like Minda has done correction and will continue its upside journey once again.

Notes For Technical Investors :
1. There's no better investing strategy for Technical Investors than Pyramiding. Firstly don't invest without strategy, second don't use any other strategy than pyramiding.
2. Don't buy on strength always wait for breakouts. Nothing is confirmed with just Technical strength.
3. You must have exit strategy cuz Pyramiding is concentrated portfolio strategy, a concentrated portfolio strategy isn't good unless you have an exit strategy.

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